Meetings & Events

Marketing & Advertising
The ESSAR Centre is available to assist in the promotion of all events taking place at the facility through the use of its marketing power and knowledge of the local market.  The marketing staff will be able to tailor the promotion of your product and/or event in a manner that it will be able to reach the predominant local market segment in an effective and cost efficient manner. 

If you have interest in having the ESSAR Centre market your production feel free to contact the Norm Fera at 705-759-5259

Food & Beverage  
The ESSAR Centre is already known for it’s unbelievable Menu and great tasting food.  For further information on how to host an event including food, please contact Food & Beverage Coordinator - Tony DiSabatino @ 759-5252

Room Rentals
As mentioned previously, the ESSAR Centre is not just a venue for sporting events and concerts; it also has the ability to host a vast array of activities including corporate meetings, office parties, conventions, trade shows, receptions, graduations, and Stags - just to name a few.

If you are interested in booking a room at the ESSAR Centre, or the entire arena, please contact the Marketing & Events Assistant, Jennifer Arbour at 705-759-5383 for availability and pricing.